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Jb mod is it or not?

I bought a used E90 335i Sedan.

I am going to dealer for the first time tomorrow morning to see why I am getting g a hesitation or jerking while very light acceleration.
They will just be driving with me.
I am due for the Ecr-b0001-10-001
Campaign number recall.
They will be programming my ecu.
Emission related.

I have no engine check lights at all.
No errors what so ever.

I am aware of the hpfp and wastegate issues which I believe there is a recall.

So if there is a problem, and they can fix it, I want to make sure the vehicle is not modded with something like JB+ or something.

How do I tell..
Any advice will be appreciated.

Ps: called all local dealers, car has never been to them.

That is why I am curious....why not, not even once.

Originally car is from Cali.
Imported to Canada in 09 July.
Since then no records.

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