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Hey, just seen your PM so will post back on here....

The A7 has been with me for just a year now and to be honest, I am bored stupid of it! It's a great car, don't get me wrong and many would cut their right arm off for a £50k motor, but it's just too sensible and boring,

The 245bhp motor is not sluggish and makes decent progress, especially on the open road but the car has developed a really annoying hesitancy when pulling off, especially in D mode. I think it is because I spend my commute to work in stop-start traffic so the gearbox has adapted to make this driving smoother, but has effectively made the first 25% of throttle pedal completely dead?! To combat this I use it more In sport mode but even this is starting to feel the same now and also hangs onto gears far too long, refusing to come out of 3rd even on 30mph constant speed roads and the paddles won't let you override the cars decision!

Another really crap feature is the MMI system. The control knob makes the cursor scroll the opposite way to which your brain says it should go and even now, after 12 months of ownership, still find it a pain. Drove a BMW M135i last week and the I drive was just so intuitive, even tho I haven't used it for a year. The dynamic route guidance just doesn't work at all and tells you to join a motorway that has miles of queues, only warning you that your about to face em as you drive up the slip road. The data functions on the car will only work via Bluetooth provided you have a rsap enabled phone. Unfortunately prob the worlds most popular phone, the iPhone, doesn't support this and whilst BMW and other manufacturers Re embracing the iPhone and providing app based content and connectivity the Audi does bugger all. It requires a separate sim in the dash to get the data to work which would be ok IF it didn't disable the Bluetooth pairing of the current phone. That means the sim in the dash then has to provide data and phone calls. Only Orange business users can get a duplicate SIM on the same number as the main phone as far as I know, luckily that's what I am on, so when the car is running that becomes the primary number. Only downside is when the missusmusesmthe car she has to remember to pop the sim out otherwise she gets my business calls in me car and I get none!

The weight of the car is also apparent and at approx 2 tons, can make it a little nose heavy, especially on twisty A roads.

It does have some plus points! It gets many admiring glances, as with the right spec it can look very fetching. Mine is Dakota grey, with the optional 20's and tinted glass. Also the rest of the interior is very very comfortable and it's a great mile muncher. The air con I find to be a bit stuffy with very little air movement/circulation once it's up to temperature.

I think I am finding its faults as I have fallen out of love with it. I feel I am a bit old for it at 41 yrs old, can't imagine owning one at 27!

Go for an RS6 or something. High quality interior but a Bit more fun to drive!