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DRL came on by itself (multiple times)

Normally on a car like this, with the amount of electronics it has, I wouldn't think much of something like the above happening, if it happened, say once every hundred drives or so.

But, my car has turned the DRL setting to 'on' by itself 2 times in 2 weeks now. And, it isn't just switched on, meaning that the lamp in the headlight lights up. The settings within the instrument cluster itself indicate that the DRL is actually set to 'on', when I always leave it at 'off'. Could my FRM be faulty? I should also mention that at the moment, my driver door lock actuator has also gone south (will lock but will not unlock). This happened also about 2 weeks ago. I have the replacement actuators but have not yet installed them.

Could the two problems be related? It would seem strange that faulty door lock motors would cause the DRL to turn itself on. If it helps, my battery is pretty much brand new, and was installed late November and registered at my local independent. Cheers and thanks for any input folks...