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Originally Posted by creaminz View Post
$700 for brake caliper paint?? Are you sure? I know they charge around $350-$400 to paint BBK calipers, I painted mine 4 times and price has been same all 4 times. Yes $100 for dp & fmic install is dirt cheap but you can't compare person working out of garage vs shop. If LT was still working out of his garage then he will be even cheaper than $ the end it's your choice where you take your car to, but taking it to the shop is sort of having an insurance, something goes wrong they will be responsible for it. Let's just say engine blew(hope not) due to downpipes, I highly doubt some individual working out of his garage is willing to fork out $15000 to replace the motor. When I took my car in to LT's garage 4 years, I went due to his reputation, but I surely didn't expect any warranty type of service since I know what I am paying is just for an installation paid to an individual and I know he is just an individual working out of his garage. But again choice is yours.
Ive been to long when he worked out of his townhouse. Hes a cool guy but last month I got a $700 quote from LT himself via email. I'll dig it up if it matters.

I wouldnt take an engine repair work to a guy working from home. But if its to install brakes, fmic, downpipes, fairly small things yes.