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Originally Posted by CUTigers View Post
if you get an 09, it will have the factory oil cooler, some of the early YM didnt have it.

Yes, all 09s have the n54. Just wikipedia "Bmw n54" and you will see its full application of cars, plus used in all 07-10 YM 335's.

You would still have warranty on the HPFP, but most cars out there have had it replaced by now. You might push some injectors over the edge if they are original ones on a 09YM, new ones are easy to fix though.
Sweet. That is some good info. Thank you very much.

Originally Posted by Jeff@TopGearSolutions View Post
My 1/2009 335i Coupe had an oil cooler but I had sport package. I dont think that mattered in 2009, only in 2007 and 2008. It also had an N54 engine by no accident. N55 didn't come out till 2011 but some late model 2010 may have N55, not sure about that though.

I would have 2007's like the plague. First model year had quite amount of bugs, different ECU, and they are getting a little tired as they will have higher mileage.

Eitherway looking for an oil cooler is easy, just look in the passenger side front fender for oil cooler venting. Other 335i without and oil cooler will have a closed passenger side front fender.

If you have any questions about performance modifications and options we have a handful of options and personal experience with the platform.
What should I expect to pay for an '09 E90?

Originally Posted by alexlaughlin View Post
600+ horsepower diesel? nooooo.... lol
LOL yes.... Dyno numbers in my signature. Track times should prove a little higher numbers. But I'm looking for something a little better on fuel, and trying to avoid paying $3.75 a gallon for diesel.

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