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Originally Posted by scflaw View Post
This happened to me when i had my old mazda. Did you oil the filters? I would tell you to try to take off the MAF sensor on the intake and buy a can of those specialized electronics cleaners (somebody please tell him the name as i forgot what its called) and just clean it off. I hope this solves your problem.

I'd recommend trouble shooting it like this.

Remove the DCI, reinstall stock airbox
Clean Maf
Reset ECU (Cobb or Whichever method)
Start Car (drive around, is it still there? if yes)
Borrow a Maf Sensor from a buddy that has a similar car, swap yours and his
Reset ECU
Start Car (Is it Still there? If no, your Maf is fucked and you need a new one)
I'm pretty sure the n54 doesn't have a MAF

I'm e-mailing Jon from BMS at the moment and he's suggesting to check the plugs/coils. He also noted that it's possible the issues just show up sooner because of more air flow. I'm really hoping the O2 sensor doesn't need to be replaced. I'm not really sure how to go about it from here.