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Originally Posted by BuraQ
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No has mentioned Stett's a true CAI - very nice product and will likely see the same gains as the AFE Stage II SI.

And for $400 less - grab a JB4
You cannot use the STETT CAI on the 335iS. The IS has a secondary radiator in the air duct where the STETT filter would go, there just isnt any room
I had a similar issue with the support brace running from the middle from of the frame across to the top driver side of the frame.

Unfortunately this had to be removed, but fitment was okay once you play around with it. I also removed the driver air/brake duct as it was in the way - but it was worth it.

Immediately saw the intake temps go down on daily driving and spirited driving and felt so much more responsive. And this is when I was tune only and tune off.

I don't like ram style intake - the purpose of the intake is for colder volumes of air to increase efficiency/power; don't understand that when the volume is hot air - kills any progress.