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Originally Posted by CombatNinja View Post
Good thread idea. Should be expanded and stickied.

Originally Posted by F335i View Post
This is nice fasteddie... since I went ISO I get this code 387F (Power management, closed-circuit current violation). I don't know if this is an ISO tuner code. I e-mail terry but I just sent him a bunch of code along with this one so he really didn't tell me anything about it. Maybe if I e-mail him this single code. Car runs great anyways. I think it might be an ISO tuner code because he mention that the board will run hotter with the diode cut, just my guess.
I thought it was a good idea because people get codes and freak out thinking there is something wrong with their cars. With this thread they can actually look at what codes come on regularly and shouldn't be worried about. Btw I have no idea what that code means but if terry says is normal post it back up here