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Originally Posted by Mahhvinn View Post
Seriously, people do not understand what an amazing price this is. SMH. Go to the Vishnu website and add all the options/upgrades and it will be about $11,000 or $12,000. That's without installation labor as well.

He has his kit priced at $6,500 and people are still complaining its too high? You must be smoking some crazy stuff to think that. If you can't afford it than stop tire kicking and low balling. Go settle for some RB's or AWD upgrades. Even then you might complain those are too expensive.

Sorry for the rant, Ryan, but some people are just plain retarded.
Supply and demand. Just because something is priced at $1,000,000 doesn't make it worth that much. To be honest $12,000 is a rip off for what you get considering the entire car itself is around $21,000. There are few people with enough money to drop on this kit and even fewer with that much money laying around who would make such a decision. The poor performance at shift sector and transmission issues are another red flag.

There are too many other options priced much more reasonably (RBs) to make this a buy at $6,500. Nevertheless it only takes one buyer so I wish the seller best of luck. Its definitely a sweet kit, no doubt about that.