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This device seems to miss a key feature, you cant skip tracks or pause playback.

On my hut for an A2DP solution, I ened up with a Parrot MKi9100.
As my car didnt have factory bluetooth, this works great as I now have bluetooth for calls and music streaming.
The MKi9100 has a line out, so I have wired this to my aux in. Without this connection, the parrot uses its own amp to driver the speakers directly. This gives very poor quality.

The best part out using the parrot is that I can get in the car with phone in my pocket start up and just hit "Bluetooth Audio" on the Parrot, and it will start playing my music.
Never need to touch my phone.
IT also has Skip forward/back buttons as well as Pause and play.

So anybody who is looking for a slightly more integrated option (does require you to install it behind the HU) the MKi 9100 is a GREAT option!!