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BMW Z2 Roadster Under Consideration, on FWD Platform
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When BMW decided to rename the BMW Z3 to Z4 about a decade ago, it made for a gap in BMW's lineup. While the Z4 moved up the status ladder it also lost some of the virtues the old BMW Z3 had, like low weight, agility and outright fun. The current Z4 for example weighs almost as much as the F30 3 Series.

It comes as no surprise then that BMW is said to be considering the introduction of a smaller roadster filling the gap the Z3 left when it went out of production. If Autocar's report is to be believed, they got information on the new Z2 by an official yet unnamed BMW source:

"We are considering a car in the spirit of the original Z3,” a BMW official revealed to Autocar. “It is of similar size to the Z3 but is planned to use the front-wheel-drive platform to keep costs down and achieve a margin level that ensures it is sustainable at comparatively low production volumes."

You might remember that we've been mentioning a possible Z2 for quite some time, so we are inclined to believe this report. The only downside is that -- contrary to early reports about the Z2 -- the car BMW is now considering has to share its underpinnings with BMW's new FWD platform. While we do not doubt the abilities of small, light, and not too powerful FWD cars, a RWD Z2 would have made for all the more fun. Also, with a RWD 2 Series Coupe and Convertible lineup on the horizon (see our spyshots and info compilation HERE), we were hoping the Z2 would follow their lead.

BMW apparently doesn't share our sentiment as Autocar is quoting another BMW official:

"We are moving with the times to diversify our customer base [. . .] There is no reason why a front-wheel-drive car can’t offer a similar dynamic experience to a rear-wheel-drive car. The advancement of various driving aids, with features such as electronic differentials, virtually eliminates the influence of drive forces on the steered wheels when done properly.

There's still plenty of time to speculate about this car as BMW won't be rolling out the Z2 before 2015. We will keep you updated either way.

[Source: Autocar via Autoevolution]