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Originally Posted by skinrock View Post
Weird, I didn't have poor performance at shift sector. The only issue I ran into was my very last run at the end of the second day, where it didn't want to stay in 5th gear when we tried tweaking some settings...oh but RB turbo guys had that problem as well. It's not single related. All my previous runs were fine. For non-track driving, you will never notice it, it's an absolute beast on the street.

As far as other options being priced reasonably, please don't compare this to RBs. The fact that you would even do so says a lot. This is putting over 600 to the wheel on autos, without E85 (and shitty CA91 gas mind you). Shiv is doing E85 testing on manuals and it's in the 700 territory. There is NO other option that compares and makes this too expensive at $6500.

It's absolutely astonishing that you guys think $12000 is a rip off for DOUBLING the power of a stock 300hp car. I wonder if the M3 guys complain this much about the $15k superchargers that don't even put down as much torque.

Thanks for the other positive bumps, though.
I don't control the market. The lack of a buyer is telling you what its worth. That being said 600whp is only 60-70 more than the RBs are seeing, but the RB power curve is much thicker. In anything but the highest gears (which these cars cant do anyway because the AT opens) the RB will hang with or exceed a 600whp single. Did any ST cars outrun the RBs at shift sector? I was under the impression they didn't by the huge hype followed by no videos and tales of nothing but problems.

Like I said though, awesome kit with a lot of potential, just not one of the more popular ones right now. I am sure if you hang in there and Shiv gets more power out of these things that the demand will go up.