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I did mine the other month, just before the colder weather set in.

Not a massive job, but time consuming as you need to remove all the plastics....a lot of them !

- Open bonnet
- remove engine cover
- remove both left and right braces (diagonal from strut top to bulkhead)
- remove micro filter
- remove lower microlter housing along with the ECU and brake master cylinder covers
- remove the rear section of the engine cover
- disconnect front main boost hose (spring clip plastic connected pipe front for inlet manifold)
- disconnect throttle flap electrical connector
- unscrew the jubilee clip holding the EGR gas feed
- pull off the vacuum pipe to EGR
- disconnect the vacuum pipe to the swirl flap valve (reach down the back of inlet manifold, underneath on the n/s of the engine at the very back if the inlet manifold)
- undo all the inlet manifold nuts (two sets)
- lift off inlet manifold
- remove the electrical caps to the glow plugs
- undo glow plugs (deep reach socket required)
- replace with new glow plugs and torque back up (20nm iirc)
- replace electrical caps
- refit the inlet manifold and torque up (18nm iirc)
- refit vacuum hoses to both swirl flap actuator and EGR
- refit electrical connectors and boost pipe
- refit all plastics

You have just replaced your glow plugs

Sorry for not having pictures, I was limited with time when I was doing it.

Hope this is of some help


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