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I'm curious about the bi tdi in the new Audis. Any of you guys who have them care to shed some light on your average fuel consumptions?

I bought a 2.0 TDI (177 BHP) A4 Quattro Black Edition in March '12, and only had it 3 months because the fuel consumtpion was terrible (36 mpg over 3500 miles, driving miss daisy). Did consider the bi turbo, but then I figured it would be substantially worse. I mean, if they can't get a 2.0 TDI right?

Saying that, I swapped it for a 335d, which gets 1 mpg more on average (over 5000 miles, hooning it). While the Quattro system does use some fuel, not the same as an extra litre, an extra turbo, and an extra 140 BHP I wouldn't have thought?

Anyway, some figures from bi-turbo drivers would be great. Although I am admittedly leaning towards a tri turbo X5 next time round.
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