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Originally Posted by ~XxPornxX~ View Post
thanks for mentioning how great kukoc was along with pip lol, they got pretty far without mj right? Sure a great scoring machine along with dpoy. Mj's first three seasons without pip, he was swept in the first round lol.

oh you forgot to mention how kobes shots werent falling so another way to win was to grab rebounds in which he grabbed 15. ball hoggin and dishing it to artest for the wide open threes lol. Must be nice to finally win another ring being the number 1 option since shaq can no longer do..ask wade.

lakers vs thunder in a few, watch kobe chuck another 30 into a lose without their starting front. you guys can complain about him some more.
How about kobe not even makin playoffs wen shaq left? Dont tell me he had noone.. Who did mj had during his rookie? And re pip next season wat was their record? They almost missed playoffs right? Go google it.

Kobe gave mwp the ball that one time only and metta only had like 2 3s dont exaggerate. Oh and re thunder how about last season playoffs re thunder game 2nd round. Who had turnovers down the stretch while having the lead? Dont mention that blake missed the 3 coz they werent even suppose to be in that position.

Kobe shoots 25+ anyway with or without the bigs what difference does it make re kobe?