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Originally Posted by GoRomeo View Post
Yes probably battery related. Have you seen any warnings lately such slow cranking etc..? Usually this warnings happen when battery is about to die.

My battery has given me slow cranking for a few months or longer but never has died on me yet. I m still on original battery, not sure about you...
I don't think it is battery related. The battery in there is only maybe 9 months old and I have full power on the headlights and interior lights. We also tried boosting and couldn't even get a crank. I will check the voltage tomorrow to be sure though.

Originally Posted by 07lilredwagon View Post
I guess you should also check the little battery in your may not be communicating with the car....

but you should hear dings and bells when you open the door or try the lights, the interior lights come on, do you get the usual noises you get when opening the the fuel pump pressurizing the system, ect?

The fob is communicating with the car as I can lock/unlock the car from a distance. There are dings and bells when I get in the car and the key sign pops up on the dash so the car knows I have a key in the car. When I put the fob in the slot the steering wheel doesn't unlock, I can't shift out of park and I can't access the on board computer or anything. It's as if I have the key for another BMW when I try to start it.

Sidenote: Does anyone know how to shift the car out of park without putting the key in? Would be a great help if I could just push it into the garage for now. Thanks for all your replies!