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Originally Posted by billy da kid View Post
hiya folks!!.. i am new to the USA and i am looking to buy a second hand 2009 bmw 335i coupe i always wanted the 335i and in the UK i had a 320d e90..only reason why i never got 335i was because of fuel costs in the UK.. you fellas in the US have it good (well far more cheaper than us)
anyways to cut a long story short .. i have never bought a car second hand especially a german machine ... always preferred the new package that way i have all the warranty and my exact specs..
i am 32 years old, a CPA by profession and i think i can comfortably afford the second hand car with or without the warranty .. however i was wondering if you guys could help me figure out what to look out for and what sort of question to ask the dealer?? and probably get a reduced price
so far i have checked various dealers and the price range for the 2009 335i coupe is about 27k +
I know having read loads of threads the issues associated with the HPFP but are there any other problems i should look out for besides the obvious accident damage??
i contacted both geico and nationwide and got a quote of $330 which i believe is too much considering i have 15 years no claims from UK and a clean drivers license... (Changed my UK license to Maryland one) think they are trying to bump me Insurance is a nightmare i guess i will deal with them more aggressively once i find my dream car...

all in all i am looking to get a 2009 bmw 335i coupe with less than 40k miles sports and cold weather package, preferable in black , mint condition, not previously leased coz lease owners don't really treat their cars right (talking from experience) and definitely with iDrive

appreciate any insight from my fellow BMW fans

peace love and hair greese
I cant say for sure but that insurance rate sounds about right. Unfortunately here in the US insurance is probably much more expensive than the UK (the politics of that are for another story kids). A bit of a trade off for what we pay for cheap gas but under maintained roads and high insurance.