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Originally Posted by greye90 View Post
I just wanted to rant a bit about this car. First of all, kind of a POS-only has 60K on it. I purchased it from a BMW dealer as a Certified lease return and was excited that I could get into what I thought was a better car than my Honda's or VW in my past. I have owned the car for about a year and purchased it with 36K KM, and had all of its regular things done to it by that time: HPFP, turbos and injectors. Okay, so I understand this was an early car and there are teething problems. I have owned it for about 24K km now, and its been back in for clutch(because rear main seal leak) and water pump was all covered under warranty. Valve cover gasket is leaking now and not covered under extended warranty because it is wear/tear. Wouldn't complain, but it is a 1000K job-yes, I could do it myself for cheaper, but realistically buying a premium car shouldn't require me to do so.
I was complaining to the dealer about the relative unreliability of this car and I regretted not leasing so I can give the car back when I was done with it. He told me that this was a very rewarding car to drive, and many owners stretch themselves getting into the car and cant afford to maintain them. Sure I agree a little, but fact is that a Hyundai is not this unreliable. It infers that BMW owners have more money than brains to accept this unreliability because of the BMW logo.
I am a mechanical engineer, and was a licensed mechanic for 10 years before becoming so, and am appalled at the reliability of this car. Why are simple things as water pumps, or valve cover gaskets failing at 60K? My Toyota 4Runner had 380K km on it and only required a water pump because I changed the timing belt and was cost efficient to replace at that time.
Anyways, I'm gonna replace the valve cover gasket shortly, and hope nothing else explodes or breaks down on me. I luckily opted for the finance plan with a balloon payment at the end so I think I can just give them car back and walk away. From now on, I will remove any of my pre-conceived notions on what makes a "cool" car and just buy Japanese. They are somewhat soul less machines, but I wont be stopping off at the dealer on my free time to drop it off to get it fixed.
I know your problem. You're paying $1,000,000 for fixing a leaking valve cover gasket...