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Originally Posted by braveplayer3160 View Post
Are you seriously asking this question? I dont know if the cable will work with coding on your bimmer but why would you even think of trying to use a cable that sustained flood damage is beyond me. Just spend the money on the recommended cable and do it right the first time. Let someone else be the guinea pig. Just my $.02
Yes I was seriously asking the question. From the looks of it the only part to have receive any type of water was the connecting port to the obd2. The actual board and usb side was not wet.

Sorry I spent $150 on this cable for my evo, just curious if it was attempted from another person coming from an evo to a 335i and using the cable. Just tried to see if it was worth a try If it wasn't affected by water as well.

Originally Posted by ctuna View Post
There has to be a standard for OBD 2 ports.
They can't require a smog station to carry 100's of different
types for every car made.
As to the flooding what does it look cable look like and do you have something cheaper to test it on .
My guess is it could be cleaned in a solvent and dried out if it didn't
accumulate to much sludge.
But is it worth the risk.
I can see if it connects to the computer since it is also a standalone micro sd reader/writer. As far as clicking on the obd2 side I wouldn't be able to tell unless I try it on a dummy car but my beater got washed up as well. Not worth the risk though now thinking this through.