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Originally Posted by Wedge1967 View Post
Thought I would drop a log out here. Although I'm setup to run meth with e85, I didn't running meth on this run. I'm in flex Map3 with enleanment enabled. So that's why I'm hitting 13.5 to 14 AFRs. I'm sure that would drop a bit in Map 4 with meth. My boost target is also 2 psi lower without meth. I included fuel pressure because I'm running the new booster pump if anyone was interested. Prior to putting the booster pump, I was getting low pressure codes running 60% or higher Ethanol content.

At the time of this run, Ethanol % was at 81.2% according to my Flex Fuel sensor.

What fuel pressure are you logging there, low or high? Which one is debug byte 4?