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Originally Posted by GewoW View Post
of course it makes you go faster! more contact patch = more grip = less understeer = vroom vroom. looking for 2 more seconds with seat + camber this year if i do both.
if you already have some negative camber on your set up, adding more negative camber will not give you any more grip. it will just prolong tire life by making your tire wear more evenly... otherwise your tires will self compensate to a certain extent by wearing slightly more unevenly, effectively you will still get full contact patch in corners even with less negative can test if you are getting full grip by checking temps across the tread... you dont need that much camber to get even temps across the tread, thats how i tell if the tire is getting full contact or not. more = better (but only to a certain extent).

you can try this experiment yourself... camber only helps to a certain point. beyond that, it doesnt do anything. i tried it on my car (max camber on stock set up and max camber i could get with KW set up with no camber plates). only thing it does is increase tire life... which is useful but if you dont track that much, its not essential. especially if you drive your car with negative camber on the street, which should help even out any excessive wear on the outer edge.

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