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Originally Posted by davidturnedge View Post
I've been running a mix of BP Ultimate and Shell V-Power for a year (depending on which servo is closed when I'm at 1/4 tank).

Fuel economy is generally under 10 l/100k city (6MT 320i).

Switched to a tank of Shell 95 to see whether my fuel economy changes. Notice more sluggishness in first and second gear. After 1/4 tank gone usage is 11 l/100k.

Personal experience gives BP Ultimate the best economy and smoothest engine revs.

Once I do the sums I'll probably revert to BP Ultimate exclusively. Wish BP would discount more.
I refuse to go to Shell as they add on 18 cents on top of the board price (the unleaded 91). BP only add 14 cents - therefore Coles is expecting you to have the extra 4 cents off docket - which I don't always have anyway.

Check it out next time, but here in Melbourne thats what happens.