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I had the exact same problem pop up today. Had a flat yesterday (thanks to a screw), got the tire repaired and patched, then today I start my car to run to the grocery store and it throws a TPM Malfunction. Drive to store, get what I need, come back out, start the car and it pops up again, but then goes away after a minute or so of driving. It's been intermittent all day today.

Edit: After continuing down my search results (this thread was the first one), I've noticed some people have reported TPM malfunctions due to led AE's. I just installed led AE's on weds.... might have to experiment. Also getting a Right AHL malfunction, possibly related?
I think when you have a flat tire and then when you start driving on it the heat from the driving, the road, weather etc inflates the tire more and will make the light go away and when you park it your tire gets flat till you drive agian.