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Originally Posted by peterg1965 View Post
I dont know the list prices of A7, or the differing specs, but if it is the car you want have a look at pre reg cars as well. I had a quick look and this one jumps out:

Presumably a big saving on list, 100 miles on the clock and probably more to discount. I would be inclined to look at something like this with an even bigger saving off new and not budge until they give you a decent APR, or look at financing with another company.
You need to be careful.

The OP was looking at the BiTurbo with the Quattro system and 313BHP

That car is FWD and only has 200BHP so a ver different car.


Looking on the Audi forums it would suggest that the 3.0TDI engines are as good if not better on fuel as the 2.0TDI lumps. Not sure if this is because the 3.0 is good or the 2.0 is bad.

Look at my signature and you will see that the MPG I am getting out of my 3.0TDI Quattro (not the BiTurbo version) is almost the same as I was getting out of my E91 335D and better than my C350 CDI (but not by much)

And lets be honest, if fuel economy is top of your list of importance then a 6 cylinder diesel engined car is not the right thing to be buying in the first place.

And finally back to finance.

If you are leasing the thing then the whole idea is that you put minimal deposit in and then have exactly zero equity in the car at the end. You just hand the car back and walk away or roll over into a new one.

Approach it like this and you find that you can actually being that 48 month date forward to about 38 months (dependant on APR) so change early due to a clause in the finance contract.