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Originally Posted by dandog View Post
hhaha your answer seems to be swinging to the yes side. i think its worth it to.

this brings me to my next question, right now my car is not moded in anyway, however a remap seems to be on the horizon, im assuming this will doubtingly void the warranty if i get it? or will they even notice???
The golden rule when deciding on whether to insure or not is "can you afford the downside risk?". BMW Warranty is there to make a profit, so you can imagine that overall, for every 1000 they pay out in claims, they could receive premiums of 2000. The insured person who suffers a failed engine (rare) would feel very happy that he insured. The person who had zero claims might think he wasted his money, but at least would never worry about MOST faults.

My guess is that the most likely event that would be covered by warranty would be coil, injector or fuel pump failure. Note that contaminated inlet valves can look like coil and injector problems, so we see lots of these being changed by dealers, only to find the problem hasn't gone. Valve contamination isn't covered by warranty, so you'd end up out of pocket for that.

I have some absolute figures regarding premiums versus claims. Our Sales Department paid premiums of 8,695 over 30 cars, and the 3 claims against that were 2,491. Bear in mind that all of those cars were fully inspected before warranty cover was in place, and any fault was diagnosed properly to find the most financially viable solution (Dealers aren't interested in keeping warranty claims costs to a minimum)

So to me, it doesn't look worth it. But I would confirm that BMW Warranty is absolutely the best product out there. All of the aftermarket ones are complete rubbish.