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Originally Posted by dandog View Post
right now my car is not moded in anyway, however a remap seems to be on the horizon, im assuming this will doubtingly void the warranty if i get it? or will they even notice???
Dandog, I'd have thought you'd want a warranty for (1) peace of mind and (2) financial cover should repairs be needed.
If you modify the car, and drive around thinking "will my claim be rejected?" then you don't have peace of mind, do you?
Obviously it all depends how risk averse you are, as with any insurance.
Personally, I prefer to enjoy the mods (Evolve stage 1 strongly recommended by the way) but I do think you need a bit of cash put aside for repair bills (zero for me in nearly 4 years, but that's risk for you).

In my opinion it's modify + take the risk, OR stock + warranty.