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Originally Posted by Class-of-2013 View Post
100 percent my friend, this is the elusive quality that BMW cars generally claim they deliver - JOY. In BMW's own way and formulation, it is the Ultimate Driving Experience intended for consumers. They try and literally make the car deliver on an experience that's more than the-sum-of-its-parts, that's why none of us can say exactly what it is universally that defines the feeling of driving a M car...whatever it is, we all agree it's so special we never forget it and somehow find ourselves even comparing other exotics to it. People who return to the M cars just happen to "feel", as you do, that this certain formulation is the ideal definition of "driving pleasure" - it is beyond the numbers, and certainly past quantitative reasoning.

I'm not going to even respond to the FRS comment, what an idiotic thing to say - period.
This takes me back to BMW's now defunct attempt to get out from under the "Ultimate Driving Machine" marketing mantra (that goes all the way back to the late '80s!) with the "Joy" marketing campaign. I hope their intent was to not evoke the "Strength through joy" name of Nazi Germany's national labor movement party. We all know where that got us...