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Originally Posted by mrunner View Post
How do you guys reason getting a lease vs a purchase?

And does adding options / features /packages factor in?

For me, it's my first BMW, and the first time I decided to lease. I leased to keep price lower, and my wife's leased car was replaced with this one, she liked to lease before. I got it with few options. Reasoning being that I'm giving the car back. I don't want to pay inflated pricing to get a bunch of options that I'm going to give back.

I think I will get another BMW after this. I will probably buy it instead. I will try to keep it for a longish time. So I will add many more options. Since I will have it longer, I will enjoy those options longer. At this point, paying more for the car, because of packages or options makes sense.

Makes sense in my brain.
Apply this concept to the debate on whether to lease or not. If your thought is not to get expensive options because you'll just be "giving them back" then you realize the biggest option you are "giving back" is the car itself.

Just sayin'