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Arrow Panini Motor Museum - Modena, Italy...

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Mr. Panini...
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Hombre srl
Via Corletto sud, 320
41126 Modena – Italy

Ph. +39 059 510 660

Fax +39 059 510 733

the museum…

Museum is open from Monday to Friday. 9.30/12.30-15.30/18.30
Sat. 9.30/12.30 - Sun. closed

For small and up (max 6 people) no reservation – no entry fee and no museum guide. For others groups. The Museum visits and Hombre farm tours must be reserved with

The collection of the cars can be visited by appointment only, after confirmation.

Actually I would suggest anyone who plans on visiting the Pani Musuem to send senior Hombre an email before your visit. Give them plenty of notice and understand this is Italy and they move to a different/slower drum beat.

Entrance to the museum is free! Although I would recommend visitors to buy some yummy Bio food from the on site store across from the museum. They sell parma chease, honey and all sort of Bio foods. The shop in itself is very interesting.

I first heard of this museum like ten years ago! It’s taken me that long to find the time to go for a visit! I shouldn’t have waited so long. This is one of those private car collector museum’s that you just do not see anymore. It is way off the beaten path. The Panini Museum is located on a farm called: Hombre. Even when I had the address I kept thinking a car museum can’t be located here!?!? Mr. Panini’s family invented the famous Panini sandwich machines(they grill both sides of a flat sandwich) that you can find in use all over Italy and the world.

I heard a story that many years ago… that when Maserati went bankrupt and a Swiss car collector was set to buy most of Maserati Museum collection, the Italian public got wind of the pending sale and threw a fit. The Italian government stepped in and bought the collection – but sought a new owner for the Maserati museum collection. In the end Mr Panini bought the collection of cars from the Italian government – with the stipulation the Italian people would still be able to see and visit these wonderful cars. The treasure of Italian cars would not leave Italian soil! Not sure if this story is true or not… but it makes for a great story!

I decided to go for a visit to the Modena area last October. I sent Mr Hombre an email and scheduled a visit. The museum is located on a working farm. Set in the wonderful area of Modena. When I arrived it seemed like everyone was still away at lunch/ siesta. The place was totally empty. But shortly around 3:30pm the place came back to life. I waited for the Bio store guy to open up the Museum. He threw open the doors and turned on the lights and said: “Enjoy the collection”! I could not believe he just left me all alone admiring this wonderful collection of cars and bikes.

The Pani Museum (and this laid back attitude) really reminded me of the (good) old Nurburgring Museum from the ’90’s – before most of the German car museums became such tourist attraction magnets. “Nuro-Disney” (aka ‘Ringwerks) comes to mind. Before the corporate sponsors got involved, these laid back car guys were running the show. I just hope the Pani Museum can stay this way.
As you can see I was very smitten with this museum. I really enjoyed it. I would recommend any car guy to come for a visit. Just don’t take as long as I did – it might not be the same as what I sampled.

Onto my pics…

The Panini Museum (in Italian)

The making of parma chease…

Hombre Bio-Farm's long drive wau...
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