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Originally Posted by Saintor View Post
You are in Quebec.

My E46 was leased and it made perfect sense then . 62% residual and 3.9% interest after 39mo / 78000km.

These days, Canadian BMW lease rates make no more sense. They can be insanely more of what is charged in the USA. A 335i M-sport is almost 1100$/mo in Canada but less than 700$ in the USA.

Also, BMW Canada rape their customers with unjustified costs. On top of the MSRP, they add 2800$ of fees.

The best IMO is to go slightly used, one year-old privately used, <12000 miles and -20% compared to out-of-the door cost of a new one. My 4000km E90 was 32750$ compared to 41895$C.
Why not just buy from us and drive ofd?