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Originally Posted by cuiter23 View Post
Sounds like you need a new starter. Same thing happened to me before. 1.2k for a starter replacement at BMW (Canada).

Although it is not common for even 06's to need a new starter, it does happen and really varies from car to car and of course the mileage.

For now, just shift it to N and push the car.
I don't think it's the starter. If it was the starter I would hear some kind of ticking when trying to start, no?

Like I said before I cant shift it out of Park. It's as if my key no longer belongs to my car. I'm stumped.

Originally Posted by bsamoul View Post
Question...have you been having steering wheel lock issues? To me it sounds like your steering lock mechanism (common on 2006's) is jamming and not unlocking the wheel, which won't turn over the car. I had to get that fixed on mine. Had to literally jerk the wheel hard to get it to unlock, and sometimes got a red icon with a lock on the OBC.

I've also had my starter replaced on both 2006's I have. Reason being was the starter wasn't disengaging soon enough and was grinding. Notice any of that?
Haven't noticed and steering wheel lock issues recently. I will try this today though, thanks.

And there is absolutely nothing happening with the starter as far as I can tell. I don't even get a clicking sound or anything.

The car seems to no longer recognize my key. Could it be the system that accepts the key in the car that has gone? Does anyone know if that's possible/how much that is going to cost?