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Originally Posted by ntubaro View Post
I don't think it's the starter. If it was the starter I would hear some kind of ticking when trying to start, no?
I can tell you how it is with the Nissan, which is more conventional as it has a key that operates the ignition.

In the case of no crank, no start, before going ahead and replacing the starter, you would check multiple relays--anti theft, blah blah blah blah. You would want to check that the trigger has voltage, i.e. when you turn the key, the solenoid has a signal--with a test light. The BMW has to have the same thing, when you press the engine start, there has to be a signal there. I noticed on the Nissan, there is a click behind the dash, and the radio and clock dim, WITH OR WITHOUT a starter installed in the car.

I know with the Nissan people have replaced the ignition wiring, which is behind the key. Add a chipped key into the mix, and the complexity goes up. Even at $70 to $112 and DIY, imho a person checks all the above before replacing a part. If the BMW costs $1500 for a new starter, personally I wouldn't want to spend that only to find out nothing changed....our cars are not as simple as the cars our grandparents drove in the 90's.....