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Phone contacts and Mercedes Comand....HELP!!!


Full write up on the new car later tonight or tomorrow as I'm off out this evening but in the meantime, can any of the Merc owners please help me with this! These things don't normally beat me but, this afternoon trying to pair my phone with the Comand system has somewhat taken the shine off my new car!

So, before I lose my sanity, is there actually ANY way to transfer my contacts from my iPhone to the Comand system?

I have tried pairing my phone (iPhone 5) - I can make and receive calls but theres no way to see or import contacts.

After reading online, I've even transferred my contacts to vCards in my laptop (both a windows and a Macbook) but, despite suggestions that it's possible both in the handbook and online, I can't pair either of my laptops to the car.

On my previous Merc I had a phone module which my iPhone 4 plugged into - this was the only way I could get the contacts into the car. I had hoped things had moved on but it appears not

So, given what I've tried, is there any way to get my contacts across other than type them all in (or, advice on how to pair my laptop if this is indeed possible would be much appreciated).

I was even contemplating buying a pcmcia card tomorrow as this looks like a surefire way of doing it....but it seems most pcmcia cards (or at least the one available in Maplin) aren't compatible with Comand

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