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Hits some big bumps today that I know are normally harsh, the suspension was more controlled and muffled. Can't say if its stopped bottoming out or if the bump stops just make for a softer controlled bottoming out. Not the best description, but its an hundred times better.

Even on smaller bumps, the bumps seem more muffled so i think that there really isn't much suspension travel before the strut body hits the bump stop. Took a pic (not raised, normal lowered stance) and you can see the top of the bump stops and the spring perch, you gotta remember that you see only the top portion of the bump stop and there is about an inch between the lower spring perch and the top of the strut body. Not really too much room in there. I'm happy with the shorter bumpstops!

Also if you look at the spacing of the coils vs the available strut travel, the available strut travel is taken up before the spring can bottom out (also backed up by the dirt water marks in between the coils)
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