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TDI thanks for your response. What setting did you have to change for the boost to be accurate. Also, do you disconnect your OBD2 bluetooth adaptor when you leave the car? I noticed if i leave mine connected the "start/stop" button light never turn off. So I disconnected it. I am still playing with the settings and so far looks awesome.
I leave my OBD dongle plugged in as long as it isn't more than a couple days without driving. Although my start/stop button doesn't react like you're describing. Not sure what to say about that.

In the Vehicle Profile, some things that may impact boost accuracy include:
Engine Displacment of 3 litres, Volumetric Efficienty of 85%, and Boost Adjustment of 0. Try playing with those values. I see "peak" levels of ~28-29 psi (it leaves a little red mark on the dial display where the peak occurred) at full fueling and high rpm's.