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Originally Posted by sohlman View Post
I would not recomend getting coil overs. The 1000's of levels of adjustment gives you lots of oportunity for getting the suspension wrong. Even race teams get it wrong. I did a lot of research into this and came up with the following options

Alpina D3 set up is good making use of SE, Msports and Alpina parts

Hartge does a kit that is softer, but handles much better. They can let you drive a demonstrator to prove it Speak to Birds in Uxbridge

Schnitzer does a kit and again they will have a test car. They guaranteed the kit when i spoke with them and would remove and give a full refund at their cost if i was not happy.Speak to Chris Rositer based in Norfolk

BMW Performance kit has good reviews in the forums

Koni does a magnetic damper kit KSD which gives a great ride and good handling and has good reviews

As for costs the Koni is just dampers at around 600 + Fitting + alignment and would be the cheapest

The alpina would require a bit of research and would be variable depening on which parts you already have.

The Hartge and Schnitzer conversions where around the 1200-1400 fitted for dampers, springs and fitting and alignment

The BMW Performance kit can be procured on ebay and dealers for around 800 but then requires fitting and alignment.

Out of interest my car is a 330ise and i find it skips at the back, understeers at the front. My feeling is the car has too much rebound damping at the rear and not enough at the front. However i found a very cheap way of improving the skipping. The extra weight of my golf clubs in the dealt with this to some degree. I have yet to change the suspension as it has slipped down the priority list due to having baby's.
Agree with most ofbthe post but coilovers are the best mod I have done...easy to dial in if you dont go crazy trying different combos and do slam your car like a crazy man! I got my BC BR and love them!
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