Thread: Am I insane?
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I shop the whole country...

Last August I put my G35 up for sale and found 4 possible manual cars on autotrader but all 4 manual cars sold the same weekend I sold my G. I looked for 3 weeks and decided I could live with a manual shift auto. That was my mistake.

I expect I will be able to sell my current car for enough to cover the additional sales tax hit. Also the BMW CPO financing paid my first 3 payments so that is like a 900 dollar rebate.

You just don't realize how few manual cars are out there if you have a limited budget. I could have gotten one easy for mid 30's but I put 25k miles a year on cars so I can't afford to pay that much.

I'm over my panic attack phase now so maybe I am crazy but I think the joy of driving a bmw with a manual transmission will make the financial hit worthwhile...