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Before replacing a starter....which it is unlikely in need of ( I just learned how to completely rebuild one and troubleshoot no start symptoms, though on much simpler non computerized cars) sure you check a few things...some of them already mentioned here:

1) power at battery
2) tight terminals at battery/solid wiring (If you had your battery replaced recently, there could be a connection issue at the terminals, or possibly a faulty battery)
3) power up at the jump start terminals
4) power to the starter switch

Question: when you push the starter switch, do the lights dim, or are there any other signs that the switch is sending power to the starter?...could be the switch....

I have found that logically tracing power from its origin helps troubleshoot the electrical least its a place to start....

Also, check your fuses....they are logically laid out and maybe somehow, one of your electrical system fuses has blow....(are they in the glove box?...dont remember offhand)

good luck, let us know how you make out