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DIY: Nexus 7 Dash Mount

I've been looking for a way to mount my tablet for a while now. Lots of stuff out there and some custom mounts. But its really hard to find something decent on the cheap. The fugly big bracketted vent mounts? no way.

I was looking in to building my own custom mount and the "BMW station for iphone" really inspired me to make a very simple cheap mount.

Number 7:

.. and here's the end result:

All you need is:

1. 2 x L brackets similar to this (one of the brackets are bent - this was the one i used for testing, the final result was much cleaner):

2. Strong double sided tape (or a strong glue)

3. A cheap cover for your nexus:

4. Marker and tools to bend/hold metal. Your choice.

Take out the leather parts from the cover - just rip it out. All you need is the plastic shell. Clean it up. Dont leave any glue.

The diagram below is pretty self-explanatory:

Just make sure you use two brackets in the back to balance the weight

Once you're happy with the fit, push the interior trim back in and you will have a very stable mount.

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