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Yeah, I think you're reading 'dynamic' as 'adaptive'

Dynamic cruise means it'll apply brakes on downhills that are steep enough for you to pick up speed.

Adaptive means there's a radar in the grill that'll maintain following distance. You can be sure by checking your lower grill - if there's a dome shaped unit on the left side, you have the hardware for adaptive, and perhaps you're confused about how to activate it or somehow the car is miscoded. Much more likely, you don't have that, and the information is just wrong or perhaps you're misreading as mentioned.

I made the same mistake initially, excited about the adaptive cruise. It wasn't a buying point for me so I don't care, but in LA traffic I've thought more than once how nice it'd be to have. Unfortunately, retrofitting it is expensive as hell, the radar module alone is like $1500 or something insane.