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Originally Posted by Noncom23 View Post
I will probably get flamed here,
but, anyone ever think about or code off the DTC?

With my PPK 1 and DTC off almost any lag
in acceleration disappears. I would like to
see if I can get in the car and not hit that
button every time.

Thx ahead.
You'll probably get flamed mostly for terminology, I think you mean DSC off, i.e. IN DTC mode. Search if that distinction is confusing to you.

anyway, I'm unaware of any way to code it off, and I'd be surprised if there was one. But I'd also caution you against trying, as even if you think there's a bit of acceleration advantage (which I find surprising, since you're basically explicitly allowing wheel slip and not much else), you're sacrificing a fair bit of safety margin for the privilege.