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Originally Posted by straightcashhomie View Post
I am definitely a fan for life, but one thing's for sure, I don't really like telling people I drive a BMW. They automatically think I'm a rich douche bag, asshole, etc. when I'm just a normal car enthusiast who bought a bmw used which is the price of their new acura or infiniti lol call me weird but I kind of hate the generaliztion of all BMW drivers are rich douche bags
I'm the same way I don't like to tell people I just meet or don't know very well what I drive. Its bad enough I get shit from my friends saying I'm to good for them because I drive a bmw now i don't want those looks from strangers.
I remember going out with a this girl for the first time so we meet up and the conversation turned into a talk about cars. She started to tell me how she was proud of her new altima and how she loves it. Then she asked me what I drive... I remember putting my head down and mumbling a bmw like i was ashamed lol.