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Thanks for your comments guys


The roof was failing to close correctly. It would not complete the cycle i.e. it didn't tighten up. Eventualy, the roof stopped working altogether. The fault was diagnosed as a problem with a micro swith in the mechanism. But since that was fixed, the roof now rattles something rotten. I took the car back to my dealer and they said that they were going to arrange for a speacialist techice to come and check the car over because of all of the faults.


The symptoms are the car takes 3 - 4 seconds turning over before it starts. It will then run for a few minutes and then begin to misfire (presumably as the fuel is not reaching the engine) and the car the goes into creep mode

Yhe noise that is coming from the engine is a metallic chirping sort of noise. I get it whilst driving along at slower speeds (sub 30) I've also noticed a 'pinking' noise (again at slower speeds). You used to get this on older cars and I think it was someting to do with the fuel mixture and the valves but not sure, so I think there might be a more fundamental problem with the engine which could be causing the fuel pump to fail.

I'm going to talk to my dealer in the morning to see what can be done about replacing the car and if I'm not satified I'll be straight onto BMW UK. Actually, I think I'll contact them anyway just to log the fault so it's on their records.

I ca'nt really say how disapointed I am with this. I've had 3 other BMW's all of which have been excellent cars and extreeemly reliable. So it's just so frustrating that the most expensive of all of the has turned out to be a complete pile of crap.

I'll let you all know how I get on on Tuesday.



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