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Originally Posted by ja. View Post
im sorry so wen was he suppose to take those shots? he was being given the chance to prove to everyone He should have been ready. dont say that he has been clutch t/o his career.. hes taken alot of game winning shots ofcors ur bound to get some but he`s missed alot.

if he isnt suppose to take shots early in his career coz he had van exel, now late in his career that he has pau, howard down low why is he still chucking up 25 shots per game when he knows the only way to make d12 happy is to give him more touches which in turn would give d12 more energy on the other end of the floor.
Is english not your first language?

He was a bright eyed rookie out of high school who though talented was still far from his prime. I remember watching and thought the coach put too much pressure on him for the moment. Van exel had taken a lot of big shots and would at least hit the rim. In that situation at that point in time, van exel or eddie jones should have gotten the call.

And Kobe was never a great 3 point shooter, but when he put more weight and muscle on down the line, his range improved. I don't care what the fg% or 3pt% says.

Today and for many years, I'd rather have Kobe take the last shot over most anyone.

But stick to the point. Comparing '97 to the current day lakers is pointless. I've said that howard getting more shots increases his defensive effort many pages back in this thread. And I'm one of the few Pau supporters in this thread....I've said he should get more post touches many times.