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Originally Posted by RickyZone View Post
I'm just going to put this out there. F'CK YOU BMW. You're losing it.

In the most recent years, BMW has done nothing but abandoned all of which represented the sole character of their brand. Buttery smooth straight six engines, rear-wheel drive, and being "The Ultimate Driving Machine". It's all gone/disappearing. BMW has lost their character, striving for market share and economic profit. With the exception of the BMW 1M (which no doubt is an amazing car), the same can even be said regarding the M-division. 2-tonne cars with artificial engine noise playing through the in-car speakers? Give me a break.
Somehow I don't think BMW is that interested in the opinion of someone whose car is now 3 generations old. I don't mean to attack you or make you feel bad for driving an E46, but you are not "the sole character of their brand" and as far as they're concerned you're not likely to be interested in buying the Z2 anyways, so why would they design it to make you happy?

This car would be aimed at the TT's slice of the market, and almost no one looking at a TT is interested in handling at the limit or even anywhere near the limit, weight balance and the added control of rear wheel drive are meaningless to this type of buyer so to them a FWD Z2 would be cheaper, lighter, more fuel efficient, maybe even quicker in a straight line thanks to lower drivetrain losses, and would have more space inside without a transmission and driveshaft running down the middle of the car.