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Front Facing T4 TS Project

First, this is probably going to take me a while to complete in between work, school, and day to day life. However, today I got started on my new project. The plan is to remove the stock radiator and to install a mini radiator to create room for a front facing turbo. In order to run a manifold up front I plan on fabbing a new coolant reservoir in another location as well as relocating/deleting stuff in the way. Right now the turbo I'm leaning towards is a T4 TS Borg Warner Airwerks s300sx FMW. My goals are to have a quick spooling setup, that will make decent power, and that will not be a pain in the ass to work on after its on the car. I haven't spent a ton of time under the hood of my 335i since its just a DD at the moment but I'm assuming I can just route a DP under the engine instead of snaking it through the engine bay. Since I finally got a tig welder (Eastwood tig 200) and I had some SS come in from Acestainless this week so I got cracking today.

Here's what I did today
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