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Unfortunately there is no true norms in our industry. You can pay a lot for terrible work it really just depends on the particular place and detailer. Your best bet is to read through our detailing guide and educate your self so you can ask good questions. The more knowledge you have the better you can understand the value of the service they provide. Each place can most likely do whatever you ask, but costs and quality will vary. Good work will not be cheap, but usually it's well worth it. For a new vehicle they may have a set package to offer you where they protect the interior and exterior really well. At a minimum I would request they seal it after a thorough cleaning. A coat of wax can help add more protection and shine but it may not last too long in the winter months. For detailers in the Philly area there are several options on our Find A Detailer Map. I know Oakes Detailing does good work in that area too Good luck!

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Thanks Greg!