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Originally Posted by Saintor View Post

I have a favourable opinion of the brand, I like their style but BMW is messing up with some of their virtues and add annoyances in the process. Who asked for run-flats with no dedicated room for a spare, no dipstick, a complicated water pump expensive to repair or even a silly N20 to replace the base I6?


I love my car but it had its fair share of problems. At least, I got great service. I don't see another car in this class that I want more than a F3X I6, but those annoyances bug me and t I think that I would take a Cadillac ATS 3.6 before a 328i 2.0T.
I get what you're saying about messing with their virtues as the general opinion or feel that I get reading posts or talking to people who have had many BMWs is that they are watering things down a bit too much in their pursuit to be #1. Especially when it comes to the ///M brand. It's turning into what Benz did with AMG (slapping it on everything in their lineup). I get it from a business perspective and in a sense I can't fault them for it but I personally find it would be perfectly acceptable for a company to be #2 or even #3 with a very passionate and strong fan base then a #1 with a fan base that might start eroding. Naive I know.