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Originally Posted by photonic View Post
Stage 2: Guilt and Remorse....(Internal reflections)>>Why am I getting a coupe? I have a wife and kid for the love of god! Think of the wife and kid...and dog! Fido can sit back there. You won't LET fido set back there. Don't be so selfish..yo. Look at the IS350. I know it sux b@lls and is as soul-less as a Vespa but...but it'll be worry free...just look at the ES300 you're driving now (wife's hand-me-down). Has about 220K miles on it and you've had to replace nothing but your pride. At least ask the wife...see what she says. (Wife says get the coupe..) Stage duration: 2 weeks
I've had my coupe for 8 months, have the wife and kid too. So my stage 2 is broken into two parts:

WEEKDAYS: guilt over the selfish joy of driving my coupe to/from work.

WEEKENDS: remorse that we leave the coupe in the garage when we go out as a family because of the hassle of getting a kid in/out of a coupe.

DURATION: 8 months and counting...