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Originally Posted by wchilds310 View Post
The guilt and remorse phase only occurs when you aren't driving. I found myself repeatedly questioning spending the money I did on a car that is leaps and bounds above what I need to drive 10 miles to work every day...then I mash the gas pedal, get tossed into my seat, and am back to being beyond thrilled with every aspect of the 335i. The balance between performance and luxury is unlike any other.

Enjoy the new ride!
Exactly how I feel lol

When i'm not driving, I'm like why am I paying $701.26 a month on this car payment!! But then I drive it and get thrown back in my seat, hugging curves and what not, and I'm like Yup I love this car! Totally worth it!

I bought my 2009 335xi in April with 19,272 miles, now after 9 months and some modding it now has 37,000 miles. Hit 37,000 on my way to work tonight. Love every minute of it!

Originally Posted by SkyWalker_J View Post
Got my downpayment together (since I decided to keep my old car) went down to the dealer with no intention to buy (lol I know I know). Up until this point I hadn't driven one yet. I drove it and spent a good hour doing a walk around and drilling the salesman with questions he wasn't prepared to answer. Then I finally said OK lets start signing.

That first drive home was

Then I got it home and being my age I got from alot people. Then some remorse set in. "Dude you're only 26 why do you need a car like this?" " You didnt even give yourself enough time to REALLY enjoy the extra money.... great job, idiot" "You have a siberian husky, good look with the fur, bro"
That is alot like my story. I had my 2001 325i in the shop getting a head gasket and Power Steering pump replaced, and they gave me a 335i as a Loner car. I loved it so much, the power and all the extra gadgets that my 2001 doesn't have.

Well my buddy worked at the BMW dealership and we got to talking about the car and he said he had a used one in mind that I would love. I had no intention of buying the car, and I wasn't even looking for a second car at all. Well he showed me the car, and I spent some time driving it. Needless to say I was sold on it. We went inside put together the paperwork, and I drove off in my CPO 2009 335xi and left the 325i for a couple days due to work and picked it up the next week.

I'm 21, but at the time I bought the 335xi I was only 20. People were looking at me like wtf haha they didn't believe that someone who is 20 could afford a car like that. They thought it was my parents, or that my parents paid for it. hahahah made me happy to be able to show them the registration saying that it was my car and their jaws dropped to the ground.

I wouldn't trade me 335xi for the world. The only thing I wish it had was iDrive and that it was a manual. Other than that the car is exactly what I want!

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Right after signing the paperwork

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